But sometimes you can get a bit too much of it.

For example, last December I published a pamphlet by Tim Love. I’m always interested when a poet incorporates in his or her name a word that is ‘loaded’ when it comes to poetry. No single word is more pregnant with emotional cargo than ‘love’.

So what does ‘love’ mean for Tim Love when he includes it in a poem? It can’t not resonate with his own name. Not that this matters all that much. I was at school with a girl whose surname was Darling, and I always envied her that. But that was before Alistair.

Anyway, sometimes synchronicity creeps into the equation. This week I took three new pamphlets to the printer. One was by Michael LOVEday. A second was by Lydia FulleyLOVE. Thankfully, the third author, Lorna Dowell has no love in her name, but she does begin with L and end with A, like Lydia, and she also has two Os, a key vowel in love.

None of this matters in the least bit, except when you get tired.

As you approach exhaustion, suddenly Lydia and Lorna start to sound remarkably similar, and the ‘L’ at the end of Michael shouts accusingly. You get fearful that you’ll end up with a front cover brandishing poetry by Lorna Fulleylove, or Lydia Dowell, and Michael Dowfull looms ominously on the horizon. . . .

One thought on “LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED”

  1. “So what does ‘love’ mean for Tim Love when he includes it in a poem? It can’t not resonate with his own name”

    It resonates for others more than it does for me. I thought my name came to the UK with the Normans and meant [she-]wolf, but maybe there are simpler explanations. I don’t recall it being much of an issue at school. When I holidayed in India though, many people were amused. My son, when he phoned to reserve a restaurant table for Valentine’s day used his girlfriend’s name.

    According to Fulleylove “was a nickname ‘full-of-love’ a common nickname in medieval times. … Early records of the name mention Henry Ffulofloue”

    And here’s a photo we have on our bathroom wall

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