What IS a poem? 

There are probably as many definitions as well-known poets. I’ve put a download in the HappenStance shop that shares some thoughts on this topic. It’s a lure, needless to say, to get more people into the new shop which has all sorts of advantages over the old one. But if you’ve bought from HappenStance before, and want to do so again, it does mean you have to re-register. It’s quite easy.

And it’s worth it because at the same time you can take a look at the sample poems for the two new pamphlets, Fiona Moore’s The Only Reason For Time and Chrissy Williams’ Flying into the Bear. 

Very shortly, there’ll be a third. Diana Gittins’ Bork! is probably the only poetry pamphlet full of poems about chickens, and certainly the only poetry pamphlet about chickens also to feature Lacan, Foucauld, Prynne, Ginsberg (by implication) and Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Watch this space. More will be revealed soon.


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