‘You ask, Will this take long?

That’s the first line of Richie McCaffery’s first poem from Spinning Plates.

Niall Campbell observes, ‘How difficult it is returning’ and Theresa remarks, ‘We agree to reconvene in a few hours’.

Even from those first lines of the first poems you pick up their very different voices, the immediacy with which they dive straight in, without preamble or fuss.

These three were launched at StAnza last week, with splendid readings from the poets (we sold all the pamphlets on the bookstall). They are a unique set for HappenStance because all three are aged under thirty.

They therefore bring down the average age of the HappenStance poet significantly overnight, though two of them would be dead already if they were Keats. As it were . . .

Happily there are lots more copies in the spare bedroom, and they can be ordered now. Just click on the links below.

They are:



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