On Finalising the Book

Should anyone (I know it’s unlikely) wonder where the blog has gone, it has gone into a chapter about blogging and taken my brain with it.

How (Not) to Get Your Poetry Published is very nearly done. We are on the cusp of finalising.

I am currently poring over a chapter of ‘What ifs’ which will be some of the questions that nobody seems to answer. If you think of any ‘What ifs’ about getting poetry published, share them now please and I may be able to throw them in.

Soon I may have some ordinary brain space left again to write something else. It’s slightly alarming to find that the writing exercises in the book (it’s not just about getting published, you know) have made me go and write poems when I should have been doing proper work. Honestly! What on earth do I think I’m doing here?



7 thoughts on “On Finalising the Book”

  1. Here is a little one. What if a competition says ‘nothing which has already won a prize’, but your poem only won a prize in open mic and has not appeared in print or online? I have assumed better ask.

  2. What a good question! I have no idea. I think one would have to ask the competition organisers. This had never occurred to me.

  3. Global issues

    What if the poem has already been published in Australia, or other far flung places. Is it ok to send it to Uk publishers. In Australia I was assured that it was ok because there’s no audience competition involved but I only did it once cos I got scared. Nice tho to have had a poem published on both sides of the world!

  4. I agree Marion — for magazine publication I would think this is perfectly fine, though always nice to let the editor know. And it IS marvellous to have a poem go global!

  5. If you want to find a publisher for a pamphlet, rather than a poem, can you only send it to one publisher/competition at a time?

  6. For a competition, it depends on the rules. Some don’t mind, others do. Personally if someone is sending me poems they hope I will publish, I’d rather they had sent them to me for a reason to do with what I do and how I work, not just because I’m another one on their list. But it’s up to you to weigh up these things. I say more about this in the book! But I don’t mean this as as secret sales gimmick honestly. 😉

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