The days of three reviews per pamphlet have come to an end.

It had grown too time consuming. It was a fine thing to do but it has stopped.

Thankfully more outlets are doing pamphlet reviews these days. And the era of the poetry pamphlet is still in full swing, with the second year of the Poetry School / Pighog pamphlet competition.

So Sphinx can concentrate more on features and interviews, and maybe some other pamphletty bits and pieces. We’ll see. It’s a new year and, thanks to Zipfish, the site has a new look. Do pay a visit! And please note the news items – and let me know if you have any you’d like added.

Meanwhile, I’m deep, deep in the submissions pile. If yours is one of them, I hope to have them all returned by the end of the month and probably in time to enter them for the Pighog competition, if that seems appropriate and you have any money left after Christmas. (I am not working through the manuscripts in the same order they arrived.)

At the same time, I’m writing Chapter Eight of the Story. Phew.



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