Okay, the year is new. Let’s get resolute.

Okay, the year is new. Let’s get resolute.

I like the word resolution. I’ve always liked it. I like the connections (actually but also in my head) with solving and dissolving, and the fact it rhymes with revolution. Are poets who always write in free verse less aware of rhymes, I wonder? They follow me round like persistent ghosts.  (The rhymes, not the poets.)

I also like resolute and dissolute. And involute, come to that. And convolute.

But resolute most. It makes me think of myself as firm-minded, a person able to decide clearly about what is a poem and what is not. I wish I were that person.

Well, I am nearly that person today. Today I am resolute and here are the resolutions:

  1. Get out more. Fresh air and people.
  2. Tell the people I love I love them (another died three days ago).
  3. Agree to take on only such tasks as I can manage.
  4. Complete Chapter Six of The HappenStance Story.
  5. Read more prose. (I could have said ‘read less poetry’ but see below.)
  6. Make only positive resolutions.
  7. Be more grateful for stuff, starting with Merrriam Webster’s Word of the Day, which so frequently enhances my life. It stops me from just using words and reminds me to be amazed by them. Today’s word was incommunicado, which made its way magnificently via Spanish into English. The rhythm of that word is astonishingly good.

And check out MW on resolution. You thought resolutions were a simple matter? Nope. It even applies to pixels. Which means I can end with a photo, sent today by Ron King from Morayshire, where there is at least a view of snow. Get out more. Fresh air and people. Going now.


Picture of snow on the hills, Morayshire

3 thoughts on “RESOLUTIONS”

  1. Brava! Happy resolutionary/resolutive/resolutory/resolvable/resolvent New Year, Nell!
    Clare x

  2. One of the best things about dog ownership is you just have to get out into the fresh air – at least twice a day! I couldn’t be without the walks now, I don’t think.

  3. I have been mumbling I must get more exercise asI potter round the bungalow trying to organize my life. So 2 resolutions: Walk and swim more (daily in fact): get organized in all departments. Nice sound to it and rhymes with Gorgonize, Mormonize (and not much else). Ah well, back to free verse (rhymes with rehearse, wee hearse, etc. Happy New Year.

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